Individual Therapy  

We all desire lives that are more authentic, purposeful and meaning- filled.  However, many of us need an outside perspective to help us recognize and identify what's keeping us in paralysis or despair. Suffering often presents as severe depression, anxiety, or difficulty with relationships.  Yet suffering can also be a doorway, an invitation to healing, especially if we see it as a symptom of a larger un-identified pattern of uncsoncious beliefs that require further exploration.

In individual therapy, we unearth what may be an entrenched way of seeing your self or aspects about your life. Individual therapy integrates past and present issues into a more secure narrative that will help you not only re-vision your sense of Self, but make meaning out of painful experiences and implement changes that lead to a more conscious relationship to life.

Couples Therapy  

Couples work requires a commitment from both partners to enter into a process wherein they can reveal themselves, untangle the expectations and projections that create conflict, and re-pattern unhealthy behaviors. Most importantly, couples therapy offers a road map for the couple to forge a new image of themselves and their partnership.

Common issues include working through infidelity, conflict, power struggles, issues around sex, and un-conscious communication habits.   My approach to couples work is a combination of Emotionally Focused Therapy and mindfulness techniques that enable couples to learn how to regulate their emotional reactivity,  successfully  diffuse conflict and rediscover connection and empathy for each other.




                Depression & Anxiety                                                                  Conscious Parenting & Co-Parenting

               Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy                                      Menopause/Peri-menopause Transition

                Reframing Adversity, Loss  & Failure                                     Relationship, Separation & Intimacy Issues

                Adultescence to Adulthood: Making the Leap                         Pregnancy & Post-partum Adjustment 

                Co-Dependency & Self Esteem Issues                                       Finding Meaning at the Mid Life Point

                Career & Life Transitions: Navigating Change                        Adult Children of Bi-Polar & Schizophrenic Parents   

                Feminine Individuation & Development                                  Grief Work & Trauma Recovery