Individual Psychotherapy

There are many reasons why you may feel like you've become stuck, and moving in circles. You’ve read so many self health books and have done all the “right” things and yet certain problems persist. Perhaps just the thought of looking for a therapist feels overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve had an unsuccessful experience with a previous therapist and question the value of trying again.

Not only can I speak to my own experience of having been through that process many times, but I also know how much courage it takes to be vulnerable with a strange therapist. I also know that when you find the right fit, the relationship provides the doorway into a world of change , a process of inner exploration that will hopefully yield to a much deeper understanding of how you see yourself, others, and how you operate in the world. This process —where you walk in ostensibly with one problem you’re desperate to fix— becomes the pathway to what I like to think of as your Becoming, your individuation, where you can regain a sense of possibility in so many additional arenas of life. But the transformation comes from the inside out.

For some of you, you’re trying to heal emotional wounds, uncover the self-destructive patterns and behaviors that keep replaying themselves out in your relationships or work, and replace them with new conscious behaviors and beliefs that will help you move closer to the life you envision for yourself.

Online Psychotherapy
I offer remote clients online psychotherapy session (in the state of California).

Online Relationship Counseling
This is a service for individual clients outside the state of California who need solution focused, more goal directed support

I do not offer couples online counseling as it has not been proven to be effective for couples in high conflict, struggling with infidelity or intimacy issues. After a relationship has been established in person, it can be used for periodic checkins, but in general, remote therapy does not yield effective outcomes for couples.