We all desire lives that are more authentic, purposeful and meaning-filled. However, many of us need an outside perspective to help us recognize and identify what's keeping us in paralysis or despair. Suffering often presents as severe depression, anxiety, or difficulty with relationships.

I believe suffering can also be a doorway and an invitation to healing, especially if we see it as a symptom of a larger un-identified pattern of unconscious beliefs that require further exploration.

Since each client is completely unique, I tailor treatment to the needs of each individual. You may be coming in with a crisis that needs immediate containment or you may be called to explore and deepen your relationship to yourself, especially if you are struggling with unresolved or unyielding issues from the past.

Individual therapy integrates past and present issues into a more secure narrative that will help you re-vision your sense of Self, make meaning out of painful experiences, and implement changes that lead to a more conscious relationship to life. 

As we progress towards your therapeutic goals, we will create a “tool kit” of resources—mindfulness tools, meaningful concepts and ideas, inspiration, and psychological touchstones that you can draw upon to help you as you move through your process and ultimately out of therapy and back into the world.

Therapy doesn't have to be a long, drawn out nebulous process with no tangible goals in site. I believe that you are the arbiter of your own healing process and you will be be able to gauge if therapy is making a positive impact on what you are struggling with.