COmpassionate & collaborative

My approach to therapy is compassionate and collaborative.   By collaborative-- I mean a process wherein we both work together to create an authentic connection to identify what needs tending to and what needs to be made conscious.  Therapy is an interactive relationship where I provide a safe, non judgmental space to unpack the painful blocks that are holding you back, causing you or your partner suffering, and preventing you from living a life more aligned with your core values.  


 In my clinical experience, it became clear to me that insight based therapy alone is insufficient to create lasting change unless it is supported by a mindfulness practice that reinforces the inner work.  While informed by depth psychology, attachment theory and neuroscience, the cornerstone of my practice is a unique integrative approach that I call mindfulness based Narrative Reframe Therapy.  This approach helps clients to identify negative, deeply entrenched scripts that shape how they see themselves and the world, and empowers them to create a living practice where they can redefine and repair narratives that no longer serve them.  

Since each client is completely unique, I tailor treatment to the needs of each individual and couple.  You may be coming in with a crisis that needs immediate containment or you may be called to explore and deepen your relationship to yourself, especially if you are struggling with unresolved or unyielding issues from the past.

Therapy doesn't have to be a long, drawn out nebulous process with no tangible goals in site.  I believe that you are the arbiter of your own healing process and you will be be able to gauge if therapy is making a positive impact on what you are struggling with. So I invite you to find out.  Please call me for a free consultation with any questions.

tel. 424-259-2488.